Seminar participants/Authors of lectures

Bani Abidi (Karachi/Berlin), Stephen Ching-kiu Chan (Hong Kong), Alexandra Chang (New York), Manuel Cirauqui (New York/Valencia), Damien Roach (London), Barthélémy Toguo (Paris/Bandjoun)

Burger Collection team

Monique Burger (director), Max Burger (co-director), Daniel Kurjaković (curator/head of program), Linda Jensen (assistant curator), Sandra Jeker (research assistant), Joanna Lisiak (administrative director), Angelo Romano (documentation), Gaudenz Welti (intern)

The Burger Collection would like to thank all seminar participants for their presentations and contributions. 2011 © Burger Collection, the artists, authors, translators, and the photographers. All rights reserved.


This blog was created to document and serve as an archival source for the seminar Showing Without Telling An Alternative Approach to the Trans-Cultural System of Art?

Production Team

Transcriptions by Sandra Jeker and Linda Jensen
Proofreading by Brian Currid and Linda Jensen
German Translation by Wilhelm Werthern